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English and Computer Education Project

I am Veasna, the Director of ICare Tours and Travel in Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia. ICare Tours and Travel has cooperated with Kok Srok primary school to run an English and Computer Education Project. This project started in December 2019, and we have opened 2 classes that operate from 9am to 11am in the morning and 2pm to 4pm in the afternoon. Each class has 15 to 25 students, and they all depend on government scheduling procedures.

Kok Srok primary school is located in Varin district Siem Reap province, and it is about 80km to the northern side of the city. This school has about 400 students from kindergarten up to grade 6 and has 11 local teachers. We only have students from grade 3 to 6.

We decided to run this project because our local teachers do not have the proper education to teach their students English. Also, the fact that this school is a long distance from the city makes the opportunities for people to learn English in these areas more difficult. We would greatly appreciate it if you could join our project to improve our people's education in English and computer skills.

Furthermore, we are looking for volunteers who could teach English and computer skills to our teachers and students. Our requirements for volunteering are outlined in the points below:

Requirements and Offers:

  •  $50 USD/week per person for accommodation
  • 3 daily meals provided
  • Must be available to be a volunteer for at least one month
  • You will share a house with our family
  • We will give you a certificate letter if fulfill your volunteer duties
  • Respect our home rule
  • Respect our students' rights 
  • One Way transportation from city to village costs 10 usd 

We offer a range of part-time classes. Also, we are looking for a reporter who is interesting in a developing country education. This is an opportunity to join us in conducting a research project on how teachers approach their work and how students are learning. The opportunity to teach English to a range of students of different ages and levels in a small, community based, self-sustaining school will provide you with a valuable perspective on a foreign culture. Volunteers will work alongside local Cambodian staff with the opportunity to develop valuable teaching skills. The volunteers are required to join workshops, reflections, or training for at least one a month with local staff to share and learn new skills. This is an ideal opportunity to benefit from an authentic cultural exchange and truly experience Cambodian culture with welcoming, local people. If you are interested in the reporter option, you will have the opportunity to meet with different teachers and students at different schools to gather information about teaching and learning techniques in order to write your research report.

Depending on your experience, you can either be a teaching assistant (helping local Khmer teachers) or lead the class yourself and produce lesson plans as a teacher. Also, you could begin as a teaching assistant and progress to leading the class as your confidence grows.

Volunteers would work from Monday-Friday, and the hours are flexible. They can range from 1 to 4 hours a day and cover both morning and afternoon classes. The students' ages range from 8-12 years or older. The volunteer reporter will help in discovering new teaching techniques to  help in developing a new plan for local teachers.

Our Proposals

Our English Programs are offered for free to underprivileged families who cannot afford to send their children to school. By teaching students English throughout their primary and secondary education, students will be allowed to have more opportunities for their future. In many universities in Cambodia, most of the lectures are taught in English. Therefore, it is difficult or even impossible for students to go to university if they do not receive English education prior to attending university. In Siem Reap English is a mandatory requirement for individuals to obtain various types of employment. Being able to understand the English language is necessary for individuals to participate in higher learning and to find stable work opportunities.

Kindergarten English Program

Many parents in the area have to work long hours each day. Therefore, they cannot look after their children. We are in the process of securing funds for a classroom to allow students ages 3-5 to learn Khmer, English, art, music, physical education, as well as creating a safe environment for these younger students. The children will be taught at the school, and the students will be taught by the residing foreigner teachers. If sufficient donations are raised, Khmer teachers, instead of receiving a salary, will receive the chance to further their own education by attending university.

Elementary English Program

We offer English courses for students in the surrounding rural area from ages 6-14 at no cost. The students learn all necessary English skills to begin to build a foundation to speak English fluently. Many students in elementary schools in Cambodia do not receive English classes until the junior high level. Prolonging the learning process of English makes understanding the language more difficult. By providing these classes at the elementary level, we will allow students to learn the necessary English skills so they can be integrated into the Junior High level successfully.

Secondary English Program

These English classes are aimed at teenagers and adults who did not receive English education in the primary level. The curriculum is similar to that of the Primary English Program, with the exception that it is taught to an older age group. The program lasts for three years, and the students will finish with a basic understanding of the English Language.

Computer Training Program

If we are able to sponsor computers to local students, we will give each student the opportunity to learn computer skills. Such skills, along with a knowledge of the English language, will provide students with the skills they need in order to find a career. 

School Library Project

We have the opportunity to develop a library at our local school, but we do not have the necessary books and supplies to put into it. Through this project, the library will be open for learning purposes to any of the members of the community. We are hoping to acquire books in all subjects at all levels to ensure the maximum impact of the library.


Lastly, we would like to thank you very much for taking time to read this article. We hope this message will be received by more people and volunteers that would like to join us in our country in the near future.

We look forward to meeting and seeing all of our volunteers.

See more about our volunteering for teachers and students https://www.facebook.com/teachingclassesinsiemreap/

Best Regards,

Veasna An

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