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Who we are

Welcome to Icare Tours,

Icare Tours is founded and managed by a experts who specialize in hotel, tour, and travel arrangements that are based in Cambodia. We can also prepare golfing events, educational trips, high-end travel services, organize meetings, and prepare events for team-building. 

Furthermore, Icare Tours is the only local travel agency in Cambodia. Its main office is in Siem Reap, which is considered to be one of the most significant tour areas in Cambodia. Our main office is close to a gateway to the Angkor complexes, which is one of the UNESCO listed world heritages in Cambodia. Cambodia is rich cultural and natural treasures from the Indochina peninsula to South East Asia. With several years of experience to add to our business, we are considered to be one of the most successful tourist agencies in Cambodia. 

 Why should you choose Icare Tours?

We have provided the best services to all of our recent customers who took a trip through our tour services, which is clearly expressed by the customers themselves in their reviews on our TripAdvisor page. We have worked in the tourism industry since 2007. However, Icare Tours is only recently on the internet because, since Cambodia is a developing country, we have not been able to consistently access the internet for long periods of time.
Icare Tours is a family owned businesses, and, by using our service, you will be considered a part of our family as well. We guarantee that you will have the best possible experience you can have in Cambodia. Our tour guides and drivers are fluent in English, which is confirmed by such identification on their tour guide and driver's licenses. 

We promise to reply to all of your emails in less than twenty four hours. Our team members would be honored to be your private tour guide on your trip to Cambodia. 

Our Team

Meet the dedicated team of travel experts at Icare Tours.

Mr. An Veasna

Managing Director

Mr. Neurn Narong

Accountant Officer

Mr. Meas Sominia

Tour Operator

Mr. Em Chann

Tour Operator

Mr. Soeur Makara

Tour Operator

Mr. Path Dong


Mr. Sean Cheasen


Icare Tours' Guides

It is not required to have a tour guide inside temples. However professional tour guides will take you to the right place and share the history of Cambodia with you. Please select one guide from our list if you would like to know more about our country.

Mr. Em Kemra

English Tour Guide

Mr. Kim Rin

English Tour Guide

Mr. Pal Saroun

English Tour Guide

Mr. Bomey

English Tour Guide

Mr. Narith

English Tour Guide

Mr. Sokha

Spanish /English Tour Guide

Icare Tours’ Driver & Vehicles

Our drivers are safe, respectful, friendly, and provide great services to our customers. Please select one driver from our company if you would like to have a driver for your trip to Cambodia. .

Mr. Lumor (Mini Van & Car)

Mr. Sambon (Van)

Mr. Leak (Van & Car)

Mr. Pork (Mini Van and Car)

Mr. Sarath (Mini Van)

Mr. Meth (Mini Bus)

Mr. Narong (Camry Car)

Mr. Kimlean (Camry Car)

Mr. Thanna (SUV Lexus)

Mr. Sela (SUV)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

+855 93 338 058
Call our assistance team. We’re available 24 hours/7 days. Or use our contact form for any question or complaint. We will respond with little delay.