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Regarding Cambodia tours from ICare Tours: these videos will allow you to learn more about our country before you travel to see us.

Welcome to Icare Tours

We are based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and we offer a full range of tours around the Angkor Complexes, Siem Reap, and the rest of Cambodia. We look forward to showing you Angkor Wat, other temples, and the natural wonders of Cambodia through the eyes of locals.

Siem Reap is home to many famous temples including Angkor Wat, which was built in the 12th century and is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Ta Prohm (also known as the Tomb Raider Temple), Angkor Thom (Bayon), and Banteay Srei are a few other must-see temples. Millions of people come to Cambodia each year to visit the wonder of our ancient ruins because there is no place on earth like Angkor Wat!

Why Choose ICare Tours and Travel's private tour services?
  • We will show you Cambodia through the eyes of locals, which will allow you to experience a unique cultural perspective that you would not be able to get from just a tourist standpoint.
  • Our customers love us!  See TripAdvisor for our reviews
  • Get the best pictures at the best time of day.  We take great pictures for no additional cost!
  • You will receive a great value!
  • A portion of your tour costs will be donated towards providing medical care and constructing rural schools for Cambodians in need.
  • We have experience in more than 15 years in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries.
  • All Tourists are regarded as our family members.
  • We will be able to reply to your emails in 24 hours or faster.


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Siem Reap

Phnom Penh

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1 Day Angkor Tour

1 Day Tour
Siem Reap
from USD 59 / person

2 Day Angkor Wat Tour

2 Day Tour
Siem Reap
from USD 85 / person

3 Day Angkor Wat Tour

3 Day Tour
Siem Reap
from USD 110 / person

4 Day Angkor Wat Tour

4 Day Tour
Siem Reap
from USD 80 / person

5 Day Angkor Wat Tour

5 Day Tour
Siem Reap
from USD 21 / person

Waterfall & Floating Village

1 Day Tour
Siem Reap

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We offer Cambodia tours and vacation packages with all travel services. We also specialize in tailor-made Cambodia tour itineraries for individuals, groups (of any size), and families. Contact us now to start planning a great vacation to Cambodia.

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What our clients are saying

This is my first visit to Siem Reap. Thanks god we could have Veasna as our driver and tour guide. We could be relaxed to have him taking us everywhere in safety and we had a schedule organized by him everyday.

Veasna is very punctual, responsible and helpful. He had a very good attitude to give us caring service (such as preparing cool and wet towels, cold water ) and advice. The weather in Siem Reap was not stable. Sometimes it came to rain heavily in the afternoon. We would like to see the sunset of Angkor but the heavy rain spoiled it. Luckily, Veasna rearranged our schedule and finally we could have sightseeing of every spot and watched the sunset the other day.

Thanks to his help and company, we had great fun and nice photo shots. He even bought us some fruit that we could have a picnic on the hill and chatted while waiting for the sunset. Also, he took us to the local food stall. He taught us how to taste yummy local food, bought food in the wet market and he shared us a lot of jokes and Cambodia stories.

We enjoyed much in the trip. I really appreciated our friend, Veasna to be our guide. God bless you Veasna and your family. Hope your business be very good. I highly recommend him to the one who will visit Siem Reap. :)

A Trusted Friend In Siem Reap

Hong Kong




日本人 女性 30代

Superb tour, guide and experience!

Junko Yabe

Nice Trip 


Excellent guide of Angkor temples


A thoughtful and helpful tour guide

Nick was with us as a car driver but he told us a lot about the Cambodian culture and places we visited. He is far more knowledgable and thoightful than I had ever expected. He also shared with us lot his stories. I admire his ambition indeed. 那天行程结束后他送的小礼物也令人难忘,我们每个人得到了一串编着自己名字的手链,原来是他一早就默默记下,然后他的妻子手工制作的。对了,他无意间经常透露出对他妻子的恩爱,也让人难忘,哈哈。总之是一个特别棒的导游和朋友!

Great experience of Angkor!




Very informative and accommodating guide


I booked a mini van with driver and a Thai speaking guide for my trip with 6 members.

Veasna provided us a good and polite driver with drinking water all trip long (from 4.45AM to 6 PM). Also a Thai speaking guide was speak fluently, expert in history and know well about the photo spots to get us nice pictures. When trip finished Veasna gave us a gift, it’s just a little gift but we felt so warm.

We impressed Cambodia Angkor Guide service and will surely use their service again for our next trip to Seam Rep.

Amazing temple tour guide


Good service from Narong Miller who drive us around, do look out for him if you planning a trip to Siem Reap.

Happy Tour

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